By Donald Clarke, Jr.

The Thankful Life

By: Donald Clarke Jr.

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Synopsis: A few years ago, I preached a sermon based on the biblical story of the ten lepers who received healing from Jesus. Entitled “The Man that Gave Thanks,” the sermon reiterated that although each of the ten lepers received a life changing miracle, only one returned to Jesus and expressed genuine gratitude for the healing he had received. After the delivery of this sermon, I was left with much more than a sense of accomplishment but rather a personal conviction. This sermon ignited a journey of personal introspection that led me to reevaluate the depth of what it truly means to live a thankful life. My prayer is that this book reminds you to acknowledge the numerous reasons to express gratitude, inspires you to adapt an attitude of thanksgiving and challenges you to live a lifestyle that sincerely reflects a grateful heart.

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